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I’m a freelance film director, writer, and editor – with a passion for narrative, automotive, commercial, and documentary style films.


I have recently written, directed, and self-funded my first (legit) short film ‘Wedlock’, a light-hearted action comedy about a wedding that goes wrong and results in a car chase.


To pull off the car sequences I worked with legendary stunt coordinator Jim Dowdall, stunt drivers Clayton Grover and Nellie Burroughes, tracking vehicles from Action 99 Cars, as well as Andy Harriss and Tim Deegan from MSS Stunt Safety.


I’m thrilled to say that ‘Wedlock’ won 'Best Drama Short' at the International Motor Film Awards 2021 and is currently screening at film festivals across Europe, Canada, and the U.S. 


I made ‘Wedlock’ with the hope that it will help me break into working on action comedy TV & Film. You can find out more about Wedlock here.




I’ve been making films since the good old days of DV tapes, aged 13 (before even YouTube was a thing). 


I specialised in Directing and Editing at the Northern Film School and, upon graduating, was lucky enough to land a job as a camera assistant with ITV.


I cut my teeth in TV working on the continuing drama ‘Emmerdale’. I gained experience working with large crews both on location and in the studio, and filming car action sequences with stunt teams from Bickers Action. However, although I worked in the camera department, I spent the majority of my time learning from the directors.


Consequently, I left ITV and started working as in-house director at the London based production company ‘Connected Pictures’. I had a great time there directing, shooting, and editing branded content and documentary style campaigns across the world.


In 2017 I took the leap to go freelance and since then I’ve filmed in countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and North America (I’m not fazed by working in tough environments).


A key strength of mine is my ability draw out emotive and authentic performances from actors and contributors. I have a strong focus on visual storytelling with a keen attention to the use of editing, music, and sound design to immerse the audience in the story.


If you would like to enquire about working with me then please do get in touch.

Awards & Nominations

International Motor Film Awards 2021 - Best Drama Short - Winner - Wedlock

International Motor Film Awards 2021 - Best Sound - Nomination - Wedlock

Exit 6 Film Festival 2021 - Best Editing - Nomination - Wedlock

Purbeck Film Festival 2021 - Best Fiction Film - Nomination - Wedlock

Austin Revolution Film Festival 2022 - Best World Short - Nomination - Wedlock

Austin Revolution Film Festival 2022 - Best World Actor - Nomination - Josh Harvey (Wedlock)

Austin Revolution Film Festival 2022 - Best World Actress - Nomination - Stephanie Hazel (Wedlock)

Kodak Commercial Awards 2013 - Best in Brief - Winner - New Look