Oliver Rowe | Ripening

Directed by: Miriam Van-Emst & Stephen Ashwell

Cinematography by: Stephen Ashwell

Produced by: Miriam Van-Emst

Production Company: Connected Pictures

In 2005, Connected Pictures made a ten-part documentary for the BBC about chef Oliver Rowe, setting up a restaurant in Kings Cross and sourcing all his food from within London. The series was a global success, showing around the world for many years after. Since then, the seasonal and local food landscape has exploded.


However, Oliver's journey hasn't been quite as smooth, and in 2018 he wrote a book called ‘A Food for All Seasons’ about his relationship with food.


Together with producer/director Miriam Van Emst, we made a film about his journey to date and about the important role food has played throughout his life especially during times of hardship.